Engaging Primary Care Providers in Deprescribing Trials

As seniors start to question potentially inappropriate prescriptions, health care providers will need to engage in conversations about stopping or tapering these medications and to offer solutions for alternate and safer forms of therapy. This 6-month randomized-controlled clinical trial will take place in primary care practices across Quebec and will assess the effectiveness of a deprescribing intervention to reduce the use of potentially inappropriate medications among community-dwelling older adults. Evidence-based whiteboard deprescribing videos and patient educational materials will be accessed directly through the electronic health record.

The intervention will focus on prescribers utilizing a series of behavioural nudges, including the Bruyère evidence-based deprescribing algorithms, to promote deprescribing. Results will be available in 2020.

Investigators: Dr. Cara TannenbaumDr. Justin Turner, Université de Montréal

Contact: [email protected]

Funder: MITACS and Michel Saucier Chair in Pharmacology, Health and Aging at the Université de Montréal