“Talking About Medications” Workshop Materials

“Talking About Medications” is a series of public-facing, interactive workshops that aims to help older adults gain knowledge about their medications and to encourage them to take an active role in making decisions about their medications.

In our community work, we found that older adults often need more information about their medications in order to talk to their healthcare providers and take part in medication decisions. The “Talking About Medications” workshop series was designed by our team to provide approaches and tools for people to have these important medication conversations with healthcare providers.

We designed the “Talking About Medications” workshop series so that it may be easily delivered by healthcare providers for their patients and members of the public. The Implementation Guide, Facilitator’s Toolkit, Workshop Workbook, Workshop PowerPoint Presentations and other materials are free to download for those interested in delivering the workshops themselves. In the recorded presentation below, Dr. Lisa Richardson explains how to use these materials and shares her experience piloting the workshops virtually.



We are updating the “Talking About Medications” workshop materials and will be offering a new training webinar in early 2022!

Please contact our team at deprescribing@bruyere.org if you have any questions.