Looking for Deprescribing Networks?

The Bruyère Deprescribing Research Team is connected with a growing number of international Deprescribing Networks. Below, we’ve listed these networks, their goals, visions and links to their websites and social media.

Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN)

Formed in 2014, the Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN) is a group of clinicians, academic researchers, policymakers, students and consumers working together to develop evidence-based, clinical guidance and knowledge translation to facilitate deprescribing. The network aims to promote research and awareness for the safe and appropriate use of medication for all Australians.
Website: https://www.australiandeprescribingnetwork.com.au/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeprescribeAU

Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN)

Formed in 2015, the Canadian Deprescribing Network (CaDeN) is a group of health care leaders, clinicians, decision-makers, academic researchers and patient advocates working together to mobilize knowledge and promote deprescribing. The network aims to raise public awareness around the use of potentially inappropriate and harmful medications for older Canadians, building resources to address safe drug and non-drug approaches.
Website: https://www.deprescribingnetwork.ca
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeprescribeNet

English Deprescribing Network (EDeN)

Formed in 2019, the English Deprescribing Network (EDeN) is a group of healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers with an interest in promoting appropriate prescribing and shared decision-making. The network aims to raise awareness and skills around deprescribing among healthcare professionals and highlight the need for it to be part of appropriate patient care. The networks goal is to contribute to the development of a national strategy to avoid harm caused by inappropriate polypharmacy.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EDeprescribeN

Northern European Researchers in Deprescribing (NERD) Network

Formed in 2019, the Northern European Researchers in Deprescribing (NERD) Network is a group of academic researchers and clinicians that aims to support collaboration between deprescribing researchers and increase the visibility of deprescribing in Northern Europe. The network’s goal is to strengthen collaborations and partnerships in deprescribing across countries by addressing research gaps and spreading knowledge and implementation of deprescribing.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NDeprescribing

US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN)

Formed in 2019, the US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN) is a group of investigators and stakeholders focused on improving research on deprescribing for older adults in the United States. The network aims to support and grow research on deprescribing that is scientifically rigorous and responsive to the needs of the people who are the end-users of that research – patients, caregivers, clinicians, and health systems leaders.
Website: https://deprescribingresearch.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeprescribeUS