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Interview #6: Hospital admission as an opportunity for deprescribing?

Recently the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP) published an article where the question “Should hospital admission be used as an opportunity for deprescribing in older adults?” was fiercely debated. Today we interview two hospital pharmacists, Pam Howell...

Interview #5: Deprescribing in telemedicine

Hello, deprescribers! Today we are excited to have another interview post with clinical pharmacist Pam Howell (Ontario, Canada), telling us about her (deprescribing) experiences working as part of the telemedicine initiative GeriMedRisk.     Q: You are part...

Interview #4: Development of a Dutch deprescribing guideline

Hello, deprescribers! Today we have another interview blog post with Dr. Petra Denig, Professor at the University of Groningen, telling us about the development of deprescribing recommendations for the Dutch multidisciplinary guideline on polypharmacy in older people....

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