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A deprescribing blog?

Welcome to the first, the best, (well, the only) deprescribing blog on the internet! We hope to be your new best deprescribing friends and supply you with a steady stream of deprescribing content and analysis. The deprescribing mindset has long existed on the fringes...

The Unsung Role of the Pharmacist in Patient Health

January 28, 2019 - We know many people end up with a risky pileup of prescribed medications. Many efforts have been made, with varied success, to correct this problem. Yet we’ve usually focused on physician behavior, when there’s another powerful lever: pharmacists....

Deprescribing: the fightback against polypharmacy has begun

November 2, 2018 - Polypharmacy among older people is at an all-time high, prompting a necessary focus on withdrawing inappropriate medicines. However, evidence-based guidelines are needed to overcome barriers to deprescribing... Read more.

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