Deprescribing research is of international interest due to harms from polypharmacy. Many priorities for deprescribing guidelines have been identified, and research is underway to develop new guidelines and examine uptake and effect on health outcomes. Below are descriptions of work that the Bruyère Deprescribing Research Team has been involved in. 

Betty Havens Prize for Knowledge Translation in Aging

Dr. Barbara Farrell and the Bruyère Deprescribing Research Team received the 2019 Betty Havens Prize for Knowledge Translation Aging for outstanding achievements related to the spread and uptake of their deprescribing guidelines. Since 2013, the team has worked...

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Deprescribing in Ontario Long-term Care Framework

In Canada, older adults living in long-term care (LTC) homes experience polypharmacy at higher rates than their community-living counterparts and strategies to reduce polypharmacy are urgently needed. This research project began as an environmental scan with Ontario...

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Evaluation of a Deprescribing Guideline Mobile Application

The four evidence-based deprescribing guidelines and algorithms produced through the leadership of the Bruyère Research Institute and the Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network, and the guideline developed through an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellowship have been built...

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