Building Capacity for Deprescribing Guideline Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

This knowledge mobilization grant supported a variety of strategies designed to help healthcare providers and members of the public use deprescribing guidelines effectively. These included whiteboard training videos, mobile apps, webinars, a wide-reaching social media strategy and interactive learning events. The centrepiece was an international three-day symposium held in March 2018 in Ottawa, Canada. Guideline developers, healthcare providers, people leading implementation pilots and public engagement strategies, educators, researchers, decision-makers, and members of the public participated. For more about this event, visit our Deprescribing Symposium Resources page.

Lead: Dr. Barbara Farrell, Bruyère Research Institute

Co-investigators: Dr. Lisa McCarthy, Dr. James Conklin, Dr. Lisa Dolovich, Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Dr. Emily Reeve, Dr. Frank MoriartyDr. Kevin Pottie, Dr. Lise Bjerre, Dr. Vivian Welch, Dr. Roland Grad


Funder (2017-2019): Knowledge Mobilization Partnership Program, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

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