EMPOWER trial – empowering older adults to reduce benzodiazepine use

The EMPOWER randomized trial – Eliminating Medications Through Patient Ownership of End Results – tested a theory-based tool (the EMPOWER brochure) aimed at empowering older adults to act as drivers of safer prescribing practices. The brochures recommend equally or more effective therapeutic substitutes to medication and a step-wise tapering protocol. Reading the brochure on sedative-hypnotic use led to an increase in self-reported knowledge and drug-related risk perceptions, an increase in discussions with  physicians and/or pharmacists about the information, and  discontinued benzodiazepine use among chronic consumers of inappropriate benzodiazepines. 

The EMPOWER benzodiazepine brochure can be downloaded here.

Lead: Dr. Cara Tannenbaum

Investigators: Dr. Sara Ahmed, Dr. Andrea Benedetti, Dr. Robyn Tamblyn, Université de Montréal

Contact: [email protected]

Funder (2014-2019): Canadian Institutes of Health Research