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Welcome to the first and best deprescribing blog on the internet, hosted by pharmacists and deprescribing researchers Carina Lundby and Wade Thompson. We hope to be your new best deprescribing friends and regularly supply you with deprescribing content and analysis. We have lots of interviews and blog posts you can catch up on, and we look forward to posting more soon! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments or would like to contribute (,

Interview #4: Development of a Dutch deprescribing guideline

Hello, deprescribers! Today we have another interview blog post with Dr. Petra Denig, Professor at the University of Groningen, telling us about the development of deprescribing recommendations for the Dutch multidisciplinary guideline on polypharmacy in older people....

Nursing Home Residents as a Priority Population for Deprescribing

Welcome to our 10th guest blog post. Today Dr. Joshua Niznik of the University of North Carolina will tell us about his work on overtreatment and deprescribing in nursing home residents in the US. Take it away! Nursing Home Residents are a Priority Population for...

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