Mobilizing community pharmacists as catalysts for deprescribing

Deprescribing can minimize harm associated with polypharmacy. Community pharmacists can play a role; this project explored capacity to integrate deprescribing into their workflow and to facilitate communication with patients and prescribers. We worked with four Ontario community pharmacies and stakeholders from pharmacy organizations and insurers to develop a business model canvas to help pharmacists integrate deprescribing into their practices.

This one-year project involved observations and regular meetings to quantify opportunities for deprescribing, describe activities and processes associated with deprescribing guideline use and to help hone workflow processes over time.

Lead: Dr. Barbara Farrell, Bruyère Research Institute

Co-investigators: Dr. James Conklin, Dr. Lisa Dolovich, Dr. Lisa McCarthy, Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms

Contact: [email protected]

Funder (2016-2017): Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

Farrell B, Clarkin C, Conklin J, et al. Community pharmacists as catalysts for deprescribing: An exploratory study using quality improvement processes. Canadian Pharmacists Journal. 2020;153(1):37-45. doi:10.1177/1715163519882969