Deprescribing guidelines – Tools for implementation

Deprescribing can be challenging. The “Deprescribing Guidelines for the Elderly” project developed guidelines and decision-support tools in the form of algorithms. Our knowledge translation tools will include whiteboard videos to help clinicians use these algorithms in a variety of situations and powerpoint presentations that outline the processes used for developing the guidelines and making the deprescribing recommendations. Additional tools such as infographics and translations are also supported through this grant.

Lead: Dr. Barbara Farrell

Co-investigators: Dr. James Conklin, Dr. Lise Bjerre, Dr. Lisa McCarthy, Dr. Kevin Pottie, Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Dr. Carlos Rojas-Fernandez


Funder (2016-2017): The Government of Ontario through the Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care.