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Deprescribing: the fightback against polypharmacy has begun

November 2, 2018 - Polypharmacy among older people is at an all-time high, prompting a necessary focus on withdrawing inappropriate medicines. However, evidence-based guidelines are needed to overcome barriers to deprescribing... Read more.

New website promotes tackling insomnia without use of medication

July 13, 2018 - A website created by a Nova Scotia pharmacist aims to help Canadians wean themselves off sleeping pills by teaching them how to treat insomnia without drugs. David Gardner talks about said the side effects associated with sleeping pills that are...

New Canadian Network Tackles Overprescribing

September 14, 2016 - Cara Tannenbaum and Barb Farrell discuss CaDeN and ongoing research and initiatives that are helping curb risky prescription drug use among seniors in the Canadian Medical Association Journal 

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